This library contains a template function NewtonRaphsonSolve0 which is an implentation of the Newton Raphson algorithm. The template uses two type, functor, and real. "real" can be any implentation of one dimensional floating point arithmetic. "functor" is a class, wich must have a member function pointer, "_f", which will be the functions which is solveved. There are several other arguments, which can be used to tweek the algorithm. These arguments are described in the documentation for the constructor of the template class NewtonRaphsonSolve0::NewtonRaphsonSolve0. The actual iteration is performed by the member function NewtonRaphsonSolve0::do_iteration.

One can view or download the original source code for NewtonRaphson.h here . This header file contains the code which defines the template class NewtonRaphsonSolve0.
One can view or download the original source code for NewtonRaphson.cpp here . This source file contains three examples which call call objects of class NewtonRaphsonSolve0.

This computer code is being released under the GNU general public license:

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